We live only to discover beauty.
All else is a form of waiting.

HRA is one of the most dominant Ideal Cut manufacturers in the world.

Our Ideal² is nothing less than the revolutionary achievement of a process seven years in development. It is a fusion of ingenuity and dedication, bringing together in a single, pure form superb technique and the best diamonds that nature provides.

The Ideal² is our answer to a gap in the market between the traditional brilliance and light-return qualities of round diamonds, and princess-style square cut diamonds. Our finest craftsmen developed the Ideal² to bring to the market a premium, square cut whose brilliance and scintillation compares very favourably to round cuts and far exceeds that of the princess cuts.The key to its unmatched performance is in its ideal proportions: only a diamond cut to precise, pre-determined angles and proportions can be "ideal."

The proof of the perfection of each and every Ideal² that we cut is in the Hearts + Arrows pattern locked within each one. The Hearts + Arrows pattern is valued as a strong marketing device and as an eternal mark that a diamond has been cut to absolute perfection. When your customer gazes at our Ideal² through a Hearts + Arrows scope, she will see perfection that will come to powerfully symbolize the perfection of the moment she is choosing to celebrate.

As beautiful and tempting as a diamond is on its own, HRA understands how important it is to provide strong sales support with marketing materials and displays crafted with the same care and ingenuity as their diamonds:

  1. Choose the only square Hearts + Arrows diamond available on the market.
  2. The Ideal² rivals the brilliance of rounds.
  3. Mined, cut, and polished in Canada.
  4. The Ideal² is available in a large range of sizes, colours, and clarities: 0.30 +; D - I; IF - I.
  5. Choose laser-inscribed customized logos and identification numbers.
  6. Complete your in-store marketing with elegant customized boxes, displays, certificates, and Hearts + Arrows scopes.
  7. Every Ideal² diamond is certified by the American Gem Society (AGS) and the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

Canadian Diamonds

By value, Canada is now
the second largest
producer of these most
alluring of all gemstones.

Diamonds were first discovered in Canada in the northern part of the country in the 1980s. By value, Canada is now the second largest producer of these most alluring of all gemstones, after Russia. Canadian diamonds are sought after throughout the world because consumers can be assured both of their provenance and exceptional quality. Strict mining and production practices protect Canadian diamonds from mine to market, from their point of origin to their point-of-sale, and they are produced in a manner that respects and contributes to the local communities and their people. HRA is the only diamond company in the world that specializes in cutting, polishing, and selling Canadian diamonds.

Canadian Rocks

"Canadian Rocks" is one of our most successful programmes, featuring Canadian diamonds in a variety of cuts 0.3 carats in size and larger. The on-going success of the programme derives from the high quality of the diamonds and their presentation: carefully customized, visually effective graphics and packaging creates a distinctive brand that makes a strong connection to the wide appeal of Canadian diamonds.

Victor Diamonds

Victor Diamonds are a brand apart. The fortunate few who own or have seen a Victor diamond understand that there is something particularly pure about them. Perhaps their aura is owed to a mine which, though relatively small, produces perhaps the highest concentration of high-value diamonds anywhere in the world.

The Victor Mine is located in the pristine north of Ontario, about 90 kilometres west of James Bay and opened in 2008. In only a very short time, Victor diamonds have established themselves as a benchmark of quality and beauty, but, as with many things of great beauty, their availability will last only a few short years. Each Victor diamond is backed by a certificate of authenticity from the Government of Ontario.

Custom Brands

Our sales and marketing
teams are creativity-driven
and produce supporting
materials worthy of the
brilliance of our diamonds.

More than 15 years of experience creating, launching, and supporting our brands goes into the development of each of our packages and our clients can choose promotional support that is complete and ready-to-go or uniquely customized. We have created from the ground up and steered national brands, retailer-specific brands, and flagship promotions.

Our sales and marketing teams are creativity-driven and produce supporting materials worthy of the brilliance of our diamonds. We take pride in styling visually-powerful programmes based on pinpoint market analysis that deliver solid results. This highly effective combination of artistry and strategy includes a keen understanding of the value of brand maintenance: caring for a brand well past its introduction in order to keep it fresh in the eyes of the customer. HRA has the knowledge and ability to help you choose or create a campaign that targets specific price points and market groups. We are your full service art-of-branding diamond company.

Arctic Circle Diamonds

"Arctic Circle" is an example of our custom-branding expertise. A continuing, proven success, "Arctic Circle" fuses Canadian diamonds in a wide range of cuts and sizes with their origin in the unspoiled purity of the Canadian far north.

The beauty of northern Canada resonates widely with customers around the world, and our brand integrates graphics and packaging that draw on this impressive, natural marketing vehicle.


Our branding versatility extends also to collaborating
with others to help promote memorable and powerful marketing
vehicles. Recently we have partnered with both the De
Beers group of companies and Rio Tinto Diamonds:

Only a company with exacting standards and principles can be considered worthy of being a DeBeers Forevermark Diamantaire. The HRA Group is proud to be one of this very small, select group chosen by DeBeers to manufacture diamonds for their premium Forevermark brand.


The HRA Group has the great privilege of being selected as one of only thirteen world-wide Authorised Partners for Argyle Pink Diamonds. As a member of this exclusive group, HRA can provide access for its clients to a very limited number of these rarest of diamonds from Rio Tinto's Argyle Diamond Mine in Western Australia.

Virtually all of the world's pink diamonds are produced by the Argyle mine and are rare even within the mine itself, accounting for less than one-tenth of one percent of the Argyle annual production. Their rarity and exclusivity is reflected in a market and prices which are quite separate from, and much higher than, those for white diamonds. The aura surrounding pink diamonds is owed not merely to the beguiling charm of their geological uniqueness, but to the hard fact that the Argyle mine will only produce them for about ten more years: what was rare to begin with becomes rarer with each passing year.