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Rough Supply

Diavik Mine

Northwest Territories


Diavik Mine

Northwest Territories

Diavik Mine, Northwest Territories

64°29' 46" latitude,
110°16'24" longitude.


The Diavik Diamond Mine is located on a 20 square kilometre island, informally called East Island, in Lac de Gras, approximately 300 kilometres by air northeast of Yellowknife, capital of Canada's Northwest Territories. The Arctic Circle lies 220 kilometres north of the mine.

Victor Mine

Northern Ontario


Victor Mine

Northeastern Ontario

Victor Mine, Northern Ontario

52° 49' 15" latitude,
83° 53' 00" longitude.


The Victor Mine is located in the James Bay Lowlands of Northern Ontario, approximately 90 km west of the coastal community of Attawapiskat First Nation. It is Ontario's first diamond mine and the second in Canada for De Beers.

Snap Lake Mine



Snap Lake Mine

Northwest Territories

Snap Lake Mine, Yellowknife

63° 34' 30" latitude,
110° 52' 00" longitude.


The Snap Lake Mine, De Beers' first mine outside of Africa, is unique in Canada. Built on the shore of Snap Lake, 220 kilometres northeast of Yellowknife, the mine is Canada's first completely underground diamond mine. The Snap Lake ore body is a 2.5 metre thick dyke that dips an average of 12-15° from the northwest shore down under the lake. It is unlike most diamond-bearing kimberlite deposits which are known as 'pipes' due to their conical or carrot-like shape.

HRA is the only Canadian member of an elite group of diamantaires selected to receive rough diamonds from De Beers, the world's foremost producer of diamonds. Such privileged standing is granted only to the most reputable and competent manufacturers, and allows us to assure our customers a consistent supply of some of the world's finest diamonds.

Crossworks is supplied with rough diamonds from three Canadian mines: the De Beers Snap Lake and Victor Mines in the Northwest Territories and northern Ontario, and the Rio Tinto Diavik Mine in the Northwest Territories.

In 2011, HRA was chosen to be an Authorized Partner for Argyle Pink Diamonds.


The core of Crossworks' production is carried out at our three Canadian facilities in Sudbury, Ontario; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; and Vancouver, British Columbia. The HRA Group also owns and operates the Rydiam Saigon facility in Vietnam.

Propelled by the same guiding principles as our parent company, everything we do at Crossworks is designed to add value to our products so that our customers may pass on to their clients only the most exquisite diamonds available. The key to our success is bringing innovation to the long-standing, reliable practices of the industry.

A Crossworks diamond is the intersection of highly-skilled human craftsmanship and state-of-the art technology. Each of our artisans

have skills that combine hands-on working experience and contemporary techniques that strengthen traditional means of assessing, cutting, and polishing. To maintain our exacting standards of quality, to drive development forward, and yet to remain agile, we continually re-invest not simply in technology, but also in the professional skills of our people: every diamond is unique, and every Crossworks diamond has been shaped to perfection by a skilled team. We are the only North American manufacturer of Canadian diamonds, transforming rough beauty into a refined brilliance that will illuminate fantasies large and small. Our road to the future is paved with tradition.


Each of our facilities is managed by a master cutter
with many years of hands-on experience and a deep
knowledge of the industry and its many regions: North
America, Europe, Africa, Asia.

Crossworks operates three state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Canada: in Sudbury, Ontario; Yellowknife, Northwest Territories; and Vancouver, British Columbia. We also operate a large cutting and polishing facility in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Our operations in Sudbury and Yellowknife are situated in proximity to the mines which produce our diamonds, contributing significantly to the local economy with employment and by developing local expertise. Our Canadian diamonds are prized in North America and around the world, and are distributed through a large network of retailers.

Each of our facilities is managed by a master cutter with many years of hands-on experience and a deep knowledge of the industry and its many regions: North America, Europe, Africa, Asia. Each diamond is individually analysed on site with the aid of the latest

computer-imaging software, to determine its final size and shape. Teams of highly skilled and experienced cutters and polishers produce an array of cuts using a combination of traditional methods and modern tools, such as laser saws. Our rigorous in-house system of quality control guarantees that each Crossworks diamond will be cherished forever.

With our commitment to investing in the finest employees, training programmes, and technological advances, as well as our sensitivity to changes in the product demands of the industry, we believe we have created a model of consistency and expertise that will serve us well into the future - and, most importantly, to continue to bring our customers exceptional diamonds.

Innovation and Cuts

At Crossworks, we do not simply manufacture diamonds.

We manufacture innovative diamonds designed to expand the choices available to customers and to offer products that build on the traditions of our industry.Such diamonds can only come from a manufacturer agile enough to respond quickly to changing trends and product developments in the industry with quality innovations.

One of our proudest achievements is the Ideal² diamond. Seven years in development and cut exclusively from Canadian diamonds, each Ideal² is an icon of applied ingenuity and fine craftsmanship. Our beliefs, practices, and dedication to quality are part of every Ideal² we create.

As we continue to look to the future, we will introduce new cuts that we have in development.


The HRA Group offers a wide range of polished diamonds ranging from commercial cut grades to ideal hearts and arrows. The Group is known as an innovator in the diamond polishing world and has created the Ideal² which achieves the celebrated AGSL Cut Grade of Ideal (0).

Our master diamantaires have created one of the most unique diamond in the world. The Ideal² offers the maximum light performance while exhibiting the hearts and arrows pattern. This knowledge allows us to offer premium make diamonds in both round, square and cushions.

HRA provides consistent diamond product to retailers ranging from the strong independent to multi-store operations.

Polished diamonds offered include:

  • Round in Ideal to Commercial makes.
  • Square Ideal Cut (with Hearts & Arrows pattern)
  • Proprietary cuts
  • Forevermark
  • Argyle Pink Diamonds™
  • Branded Canadian diamonds


The HRA Group provides finished jewellery ranging from avant-garde design to contemporary basics. Our ability to offer a wide selection and tailored assortment make us a strong partner for the retail jeweller.

Our jewellery has been featured at the Oscars, Toronto International Film Festival, the Emmys and other events around the world.

The Group takes part in international jewellery competitions and has created unique diamond jewellery that is world renowned.

Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink Diamonds™ Jewellery Collection

Canadian Diamond Jewellery

Canadian diamond jewellery in rings, pendants and earrings

Ideal Squared Collection Earrings

Earrings from the Ideal²™ Jewellery Collection

Forevermark Jewellery Collection

Exclusive Forevermark™ Jewellery Collection

Ideal Squared Jewellery Collection

Ideal²™ Jewellery Collection

Victor Diamond Pink Dimond Ring

Victor Diamond 2.75ct Pink Diamond Ring


Diamonds are unlike anything else on this earth. But they need a setting and the setting can make all the difference. Well-considered, strategic branding is like an artful setting: it accentuates the finest points on a diamond and gives it prominence. And the way you promote, or set, your diamonds, has a direct influence on your sales: they can be brightened through intelligent branding. We know

that sourcing, cutting, and polishing some of the world's finest diamonds is only part of the job. Presenting them to your customer in a way that enhances their desirability is the other part. To do this, HRA offers highly intelligent branding: distinctive and sophisticated packages that will add value for the retailer.